Qui sommes-nous ?

Testez votre niveau d'anglais

Sélectionnez pour chaque question la bonne réponse et validez tout en bas pour connaître votre score

Niveau débutant - A1

1. "Mum, where … my socks?"

2. "Where are the children?" "… are under the tree."

3. How do you say derrière in English?

4. "Look at Tom's beautiful red car!" "That's not Tom's car! … car is blue!"

5. "… jacket is this?" "It's Timmy's."

6. "It's 12 o'clock. I … !"

7. … rooms are there in your house?

8. Choose the correct question.

Élémentaire A2

9. Jack is my best friend. I see … at work every day.

10. Choose the correct answer to the question: "What's your brother's name?"

11. "Hey! That's not your book! It's …!"

12. I have lunch with my friends three times a week. = I … have lunch with my friends!"

13. So, if today is Wednesday, yesterday … Tuesday.

14. At school I … wear jeans, but I … use my mobile phone.

15. Last night, I … a good movie on TV.

16. The building … is on your left is the town hall.

Intermédiaire bas - B1

17. "… the party last weekend?"

18. "What are your plans for this summer?" "… Spain."

19. On my last holiday, I … a lot of photos.

20. Hamburgers are good, but pizza is …

21. Jessica usually … next to Sarah, but today she … next to Tom.

22. "Did you see … snakes in the reptile house?!? Argh! I hate … snakes."

23. "What do you think? I need your advice." "I think you … see a doctor."

24. We went to New York ….

Intermédiaire haut B2

25. That's the … diamond that I …

26. You can eat anything you want. Find the equivalent to this sentence in the FUTURE

27. We must turn off the lights at 10 pm. Find the equivalent to this sentence in the FUTURE.

28. How long have you known him?

29. There are very … people in this world who understand what you are talking about.

30. It was in the middle of the concert. Madonna … when suddenly a fan … his phone at her!

31. "Where do you work?" "At the local hospital." "How long … there?"

32. I searched for her upstairs … he was looking downstairs.

Avancé C1/C2

33. If I … £1000, I … a new computer.

34. When he was shown the x-ray of his lungs, he decided to stop …

35. When I was little, I … chew gum all the time. But now I don't. It gives me a headache.

36. The criminal's plan … except that they forgot to deactivate the alarm.

37. I wish I … a plane so that I could fly to see you every weekend.

38. I didn't want to paint the house by myself, so I …

39. I wish you … me before so that I could have done something

40. … happens, don't stop.